Join the communities with Tencent Open

OpenCloudOS, an open source operating system community jointly initiated by Tencent and its partners. It supports most platforms, and is completely neutral, fully open, secure, stable and high-performance.
OpenTenBase is an enterprise-level distributed HTAP open source database. It has high scalability, commercial database syntax compatibility, distributed HTAP engine, multi-level disaster recovery and multi-dimensional resource isolation. It has been successfully used in core businesses in finance, medical, aerospace and other industries system.
Crane is a FinOps Platform for Cloud Resource Analytics and Economics in Kubernetes clusters. The goal is not only help user to manage cloud cost easier but also ensure the quality of applications. Crane is a FinOps Certified Solution project of the FinOps Foundation.
Providing long-term reliable technical support for Java applications and domestic standards.
Clusternet (Cluster Internet) is an open source add-on that helps you manage thousands of millions of Kubernetes clusters as easily as visiting the Internet.
High-performance RPC framework by Tencent.