Tencent Open Source Incentive Program

We welcome developers from all over the globe to contribute to Tencent Open Source projects and regularly gives official recognition and awards to active contributors. Tencent Open Source provides official documentation and guidelines for each project. Developers are welcome to choose any interested project to participate.

What you can do:

  • Implement new features or resolve bugs
  • Participate in the discussion of issues, such as answering questions, sharing ideas or reporting bugs
  • Write and/or improve project documentation and Wiki

What you will get:

  • Recognition on the Tencent Open Source contributors list, on the official website and into projects’ CONTRIBUTING.md
  • Tencent Open Source Contributor Certificates (electronic & paper)
  • Invited as a special guest to technical conferences/salons
  • Q coins and various Tencent gifts


  • The project’s owner can award a contributor with 30~200 Q coins depending on the quality of the contribution.
  • Tencent Open Source Management Committee will select outstanding quarterly and annual contributors and grant them with official certificates, according to the contributors ranking on GitHub for that project. Original project team members from Tencent are excluded.

Open Source Contributor Certificate list (updated regularly)

Project Contributors Name Github Certificate No Date